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family owned, family grown
quality produce for the fresh market

E. Miedema & Sons is a year-round supplier of fresh produce.

We strive to deliver the highest quality vegetables including several varieties of sweet corn, cabbage, squash, and much more to retailers large and small. 


The oustanding quality and flavor of Buck Creek Brand produce is the result of months of planning and hard work. We implement good agricultural practices with an emphasis on sound environmental treatment, soil care and crop rotation. Long before the first seed is in the ground, we begin researching numerous varieties and hybrids, selecting only the best for flavor and quality. Crops are carefully monitored and nurtured throughout the growing season and harvested at the height of ripeness.


Very high standards are also maintained through harvesting and washing, and our produce is then packaged and delivered to customers' exact specifications. Whether in corrugated bins, waxed cartons, crates or returnable plastic containers (RPCs), we can package in any size or configuration. Call to see how we can meet your needs.  

EMS Delivers.


There are thousands of delicious ways to add more nutrition and flavor to your diet! Click the button below for dinner ideas for your family tonight!  

Across Michigan, the Midwest, or across the country, we ship our produce wherever our customers need it, on time.

For 90 years, the Miedema family has been growing quality fresh produce in West Michigan.